First-time homebuyer Kyle Jones answers some of the most pressing questions after buying his first home. 

  1. What fears did you have about buying or selling your home?
    • Kyle wanted to make sure that he would buy the best home for himself and his family. He wanted to make sure that the house was priced right, that he would be living in a desirable area, that he would be getting the most value for his money, his house would have strong resale value is 5-7 years, and everything that anything that needed to be fixed will be taken care of.
  2. What process did you use to select Josh to represent you?
    • Kyle's first thought when deciding on an agent was to approach his bank, which is Bank of America. Corey Bilbo who is a  Wealth Management Lending Officer recommended Josh to Kyle. Josh reached out with an initial list of houses and made sure to connect with Kyle for a consultation to review the home buying process. 
  3. What qualities did you look for when making your decision on who to represent you?
    • Kyle works as a sales professional and therefore had some strong criteria for quality representation. He wanted someone who wants the business and willing to go the extra mile for his client. He felt that communication early on in the process is important and being open & responsive to your client's needs help to build that working relationship.
  4. What did Josh do differently that made a difference in your transaction?
    • Kyle felt that Josh did a very good job of handling all of his questions. Josh was patient with Kyle, and even when he asked "too many questions" or questions which may have been redundant, Josh ensured that Kyle understood his answered and was comfortable with the process. When Kyle decided to do some additional research, Josh made sure to counter his thoughts with his own to ensure that Kyle would come to a conclusion about buying the right house for him.
  5. How did Josh handle the process for you?
    • Josh was very proactive in the home-buying process. He coordinated and streamlined the process and even went out of his way to speak to Kyle's new neighbors about the neighborhood. Kyle didn't need to think hard or stress out about the process since he knew that Josh would take care of it.
  6. Why would you recommend Josh?
    • Josh really values his relationships with his clients. He works hard to create long-term relationships with them. He ensures that they are happy with their new home. Kyle feels, just as many other home-buyers do, that there are many emotions involved when buying a house. Josh ensures that his clients feel comfortable, which helps to alleviate much of that stress and anxiety that comes with home-buying. 

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