Lifestyle Media Group, one of the largest and fastest growing magazine publisher of South Florida featured Josh Dotoli as one of the real estate industry's most acclaimed professional in South Florida in their May volume. 

Josh Dotoli, President of Josh Dotoli Group shared some of his insights about real estate trends people should look out for this year. According to him "2018 will be a year of asset relocation for many consumers; [expect] further cashing out of securities at market highs and moving into hard assets like real estate in beautiful places such as Fort Lauderdale, which will cause an increase in prices. The demand for modern, contemporary, coastal and transitional design will lead the resale and new home/condo market. And, finally, the demand for Mediterranean design will continue to decline causing longer days on the market and lower sale prices. " 

When asked about the most important truth he can impart to people looking to buy or sell a home, Josh said "The agent you select during home buying or selling process matters greatly. The South Florida real estate market is complex and competitive, and it takes expert advice, tact, and skill to buy and sell successfully."

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